Fruit basket- Acquiring belongingness

Fruit basket- Acquiring belongingness

August 4, 2021 4 By Amy

See why Fruit basket has nothing to do with fruits.

The title of the series is taken from the protagonist’s memory of a children’s game that she played in kindergarten. Her classmates gave her an onigiri instead of a fruit name to make her realize she did not belong.

Natsuki Takaya’s Japanese manga series Fruit basket is a shoujo manga. A Two season anime television series adaptation was aired between 2001-2021. The story begins with Tohru Honda, a high school student who is always excluded and doesn’t mind being left out; instead, she treats everyone kindly in return. Her benevolence leads her largely to tough circumstances but her conduct never changes.

Tohru loses her mother and afterward ends up living in a tent yet she restrains to inform anyone as she does not want to trouble them. The members of the Soma family find her living in the tent and ask her to stay with them. There is a turn of events when she starts living in the house of the Soma family.  Her classmate Yuki is a member of the Soma family. Yuki lives there with 2 other members of the Soma family. Tohru is later able to learn about their family’s unrevealed secret yet she never treats them unusually. She meets several members of the soma family and captures everyone’s heart with her benevolence.

Her character shows that tough situations do not generally create difficult individuals, instead, it depends on how they react to them. Tohru knows how it feels to be left out hence; she never lets anyone feel lonely and treats everyone kindly. Her character creates lively energy in the Soma family. Tohru always felt left out throughout her life but since she started living with the Soma’s she starts to feel a sense of belongingness.