Violet Evergarden – Search for a purpose.

Violet Evergarden – Search for a purpose.

July 5, 2021 0 By Amy

What Is the Best Episode of Violet Evergarden?

Every episode of Violet Evergarden is a gem leading to the development of the protagonist’s character. The animation and the storyline is bewitchingly executed.

Kana Akatsuki has done incredible work with her Japanese light-novel series Violet Evergarden, and Kyoto animation has beautifully adapted this novel into a 13 episode anime television series. Later the studio released two movies that focused on more details and different aspects of the anime series.

The anime does a great job in keeping its viewers engrossed and leaves them awed with its striking storyline, making one wanting it to be ceaseless. It revolves around the protagonist Violet Evergarden who lacks any empathy at the start. As the storyline progresses she meets various individuals and learns the beauty of compassion and endearment. The supporting actors play a very influential role in the protagonist’s life.  They do not let her feel abandoned after her only guardian Major Gilbert went missing after the war.

It is a pleasing anime that shows losing a loved one is distressing, but individuals have to overwhelm the agony after some time and learn to live without them. Consequently, Violet had to figure out everything on her own without Major Gilbert around and felt helpless. She learns to live without Major Gilbert eventually and the last words said by him were the only thing that kept her going. The last words said by him helped her to find a purpose for her life after the war.

Violet always anticipated the return of Major Gilbert even after she learns that he was not coming back. The anime showcases brilliantly the consequences of war and how it leaves scars on everybody. It also beautifully exhibits how a simple act of kindness can leave a lasting impact on people.