The Garden of words- Longing to walk again.

The Garden of words- Longing to walk again.

July 6, 2021 0 By Amy

This is why The Garden of words had consistent rain

The rain draws a connection between the protagonists as they met whenever it rained.

Makoto Shinkai’s The Garden of Words is a lingering sentimental Japanese anime drama film. He had announced that this anime drama film was his first attempt at making a  love story with the traditional Japanese meaning of love. It has pleasingly shown the loneliness experienced by teenagers and adults.

The  Garden of Words revolves around Takao Akizuki and an unidentified woman. Takao is a usual teen who intends to become a shoemaker and is encountering an ordinary life until he meets this unidentified woman one day. This encounter acts as a pivotal moment for both of them.  As unknowingly both of them somehow affected each other’s life in an optimistic way as the story advances. The unidentified woman is Yukari who has lost all her interest in her way of life.

Takao wants to make comfortable shoes for her so that she will like to walk again. It takes a dramatic swing of events when Takao learns about the woman’s identity. At the end of the movie, Yukari thanks Takao for everything he did as now she is longing to walk again. The film exhibits how individuals are full of energy and enthusiasm to pursue their dreams and ambitions.  When they are younger whereas, as they grow older they become spiritless. Garden of words shows familiar problems faced by a teenager and an adult. It has a lucid screenplay showing modern-day romance hence everyone can relate to it. It also shows how love seems simple but it is complex when it comes to reality. The animation of this drama film is very aesthetic and demonstrates rain immensely alluring unlike how it is mostly linked to despair.