Shounen Anime for Beginner – Top 10 Suggestion

Shounen Anime for Beginner – Top 10 Suggestion

July 8, 2021 1 By Ray

Are you new to anime? What is it that you are looking for? Below are some of the suggestions for the first-timer. You might have heard a lot about Naruto, One piece, Dragon Ball, and so on. There is an immense collection of Shounen Anime that you could watch. One thing about the suggestion in the list below you will notice that none of them exceed more than 100 episodes. And as a first-timer, I am sure you would want to try watching anime series that you could finish as early as possible. Below is the list of 10 Shounen Anime for Beginner

(Featured image is of the anime series Attack on Titan)

The ranking of the anime is done in no particular order.


1.  Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Total no of episodes – 64

There are many things you could look forward to in this anime. The story has a military and political background to it. And also comedy and action and few scenes that will warm your heart.

The anime narrates the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric as they embark on the journey to find a way to get back their body. Along the way, they discover the truth and hidden conspiracy that could change the whole world. It is a very good option of shounen anime for a beginner. 

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2    2. Parasyte

Total no of episodes – 24

Sometimes we all have this bizarre imagination of alien invasion. Hitoshi Iwaaki has done an absolutely stunning job with the art and storytelling. This anime has a theme centered around science fiction and horror thriller. The anime begins as one night tiny worm-like aliens arrive on the earth. With their ability to drill they can take over the brain of their hosts entering through ears or nose.

Parasyte centers around the protagonist, Shinichi Izumi like many of the citizens, his body was also invaded by the alien worm but fortunately, he became aware of it before it could take over its brain. This results in the alien infesting on Shinichi’s right arm, thus him naming it Migi. 


     3. One Punch Man

Total no of episodes – 24

One of the best action-comedy superhero anime series of all time. One punch man is so different from most superhero anime. We get a goofy-looking protagonist who is highly underestimated by the public as well as most of the villains. The anime is highly engaging as you get back to ack action sequence along with some running gag that will keep the audience amused making it a good option of shounen anime for beginner.

The series follows Saitama, an underrated hero who has the power to end a battle in a single punch. Due to his unmatched one-punch power, he is highly bored as there is no one who defeats him much less put an equal fight


4. Cowboy Beebop

Total no of episodes – 26

One of the best space-themed science fiction anime series of all time. The series is set in the future where people have left the Earth due to being inhabitable and have settled in the colony in the solar system. The series centers around the bounty hunters Spike, Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and Edward as they chase criminals across the space to make their living. The events of the main arc are triggered due to their bounty hunting activities. Along with it we also get a glimpse of their past and issues.


      5.   Death Note

Total no of episodes – 37

There is a reason why this anime is still popular even after the last episode aired more than a decade ago. What makes this anime so different is the intellectual battle between the main leads. The events of the anime series begin as Light Yagami finds a death note that belongs to the Shinigami, Ryuk. There are some unexpected twists and turns which is going to grip your heart in anticipation. This is one of the must-watch shounen anime series for beginner.


      6.   Attack on Titan

Total no of episodes – Ongoing

Attack on Titan is set in the post-apocalyptic world where humans live within the walls because that is the only way to protect themselves from the Titans. Dive into the horror and dark fantasy as humans struggle to survive amongst the man-eating predators and politics. The story follows the journey of Eren Jeager and his friends Mikasa and Armin as they join the ranks in order to fight against the Titans.


      7.  Noragami

Total no of episodes – 25

This is one of the best light-hearted yet action-filled anime series. Noragami follows the story of Hiyori, One day she is met with an accident that causes her soul to frequently slips out of her body giving her the ability to glimpse into the parallel world which co-exists with reality. Due to which she meets Yato, a nameless God along with his Regalia, Yukine who is determined to make his own shrine.


      8.  Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Total no of episodes – Ongoing

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the shounen anime with the best fighting sequence. The story follows Tanjiro and his journey to find a way to turn back his sister into a Human by undoing the demon curse. This series has so much to offer as it focuses on even narrating the stories of the characters including those of a demon.


      9.  Jujutsu Kaisen

Total no of episodes – 24

Jujutsu Kaisen anime series offers a supernatural, dark fantasy, and action-packed sequence. Although with so many dark elements, the series does have a comedy element as an ice-breaker. The story follows Yuji Itadori who due to ingesting high-level cursed fingers gains enhanced and supernatural abilities. Therefore, joining Jujutsu high school to fight against Curses.


      10. Samurai Champloo

Total no of episodes – 26

The plot is set in the Edo period with a unique setting where they have incorporated modern elements like hip-hop. This anime series is focused on three characters Fuu as she set on a journey to find a samurai who, ‘smells like a sunflower’ accompanied by two samurais who are extremely opposite of each other, Mugen, loud and temperamental, and Jin, conservative and stoic. With each of their personality, you can expect a lot of chaotic situations in their adventure that will give a good laugh and intense action.