Princess Mononoke- quest for a cure

Princess Mononoke- quest for a cure

July 13, 2021 0 By Amy

Why Ashitaka of Princess Mononoke movie could not return home if he left his village?

Ashitaka was informed by the wise woman of his village that he had to leave the village in order to find a cure for his curse. But he could not return back if he left due to a law of his tribe regarding leaving the village.

Princess Mononoke is a fantasy movie written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Ghibli studio. The story commences with a prince named Ashitaka getting cursed. When he gets cursed he starts his expedition to find a cure and he has to find a cure since the lack of a cure will kill him eventually. It is an adventure for him, as he had never left his village. 

Ashitaka has a compelling character who does not give a second thought to help anyone. In his expedition for a cure, he learns more about curses and gets duped by people. His life gets threatened while helping others several times throughout the movie. But this never stopped him from helping others. His strong attitude ends up rewarding him in the end when his curse is lifted. Yuriko is another important character of the story. She has a powerful spirit and could go to any extent to save nature.

This story shows how greed leads to havoc and devastation. The individuals who give away to greed end up wrecking themselves in the end. The anime also ideally shows how human greed is destroying our nature. The wrath of nature is dramatized in the movie showing how it affects us in the end.