Manhwa with Strong Female Lead – Top 10 Suggestion

Manhwa with Strong Female Lead – Top 10 Suggestion

July 2, 2021 10 By Ray
Are you interested in the manhwa led by a strong female lead? Then you are definitely in the right place!! Below are the suggestions of some of the best manhwa with a strong female lead.

The Beloved Little Princess

This is one of the light-hearted manhwa suggestions on the list. The story centers around princess Enisha, the youngest princess in the Hyperion Empire. What makes this little princess special is that she retained the memories of her past life.

 This is a cute adorable story of how she manages to keeps in check with her two mad-psychotic brothers and her deranged father. There are a lot of arcs that will keep the readers engaged. Besides the well-structured plotline, the story has also focused on the doting family relationship. There is a theme of reincarnation, magic, family relations, and a slice of life.

 The Monstrous Duke Adopted Daughter

 The monstrous duke adopted daughter follows the life of Leslie Sperado. The Sperado bloodline has possessed the secret of dark magic. She lived under abuse in the Sperado household until one day when her family almost killed her. It made her took a step for survival as she approached the duchess Salvatore, also known as a monstrous duchess, to adopt her.
 We are shown a huge character development in the series, especially with Leslie. It is interesting to watch her develop her own strong personality. And also the people around her are influenced by her determination. The story’s pacing does seem stretched at few points, but it is probably a necessity for the plot development. There are a lot of underlying themes in the story that makes the overall plot interesting.

 Reminiscence Adonis

Reminiscence Adonis features the story of Iaana, a strong female lead. Prepared to be awed by her strong and determined personality. The story starts with Iaana dying at the hand of Arhad in a battle, both of them craved for each other, but destiny had made them be on the opposite side. After her death, she is reincarnated into the same life. Iaana decides to not live like her previous life where she was full of ambitions  She wishes to change her fate by taking a new path.

 The Lady And The Beast

 Astina, a genius daughter of a humble count was in her previous life an Empress who led a life of bloodshed. In the present day, as her family is forced to bankruptcy, she gets married to Archduke Atalenta known as a ‘Terroid the Beast’. Even after taking the form of a beast, he is no match for Astina. However, when the duke reverts to his human form he can’t seem to remember anything when he was a beast.

 Light And Shadow

 Edna is a servant of a noble family who is sent by them to get married to Duke Eli, instead of their daughter. This is considered to be a grave insult as Edna expects that she might get killed by the duke. However, Edna herself harness a deep secret that could affect the future of the kingdom.

 Villains Are Destined To Die

 The protagonist of the story finds herself inside a game, where she is now Penelope Eckhart, a villain. Like a Villain in the game, it is obvious that everyone is after her life. But how is she going to tackle all the twisted situations to survive in the game?

 Beware Of The Villainess

 This manhwa has a transmigration plot. The story starts when the protagonist finds herself transmigrated in the body of the villainess of the novel she was last reading. Now being a duke’s daughter and the main villain of the story, she decides to live her own life not following the main plot. Her attitude throws off all the male lead in the story which is in a way hilarious. If you want to have a good laugh and enjoy an unconventional story, then this is the right manhwa for you.

 The Knight And Her Emperor

Pauliana is the daughter of a noble descendant. She gets forsaken by her family as her parents enroll her in the military in the hopes that she dies in the war. However, to survive in the endless battle in the war-torn country, she uses her wit and strength that quickly enable her to rise in ranks. One day as she is captured by the enemies, she finds herself in front of her captivator, an ambitious king. The king acknowledges Paulina’s worth and gives him a place as his subject.
Pauliniana is not like any conventional heroine. She has a build like a male, a brute, an expert in swordsmanship, and ruthless when it comes to devising a battle strategy. This manhwa series has a lot to offer other than action, comedy, and political struggle. And we can’t help but be smitten by Pauliana’s charm just like the king eventually does.

 A Stepmother Marchen

 The protagonist of the story, Marchioness Suri Von Neuschwanstein has earned numerous nicknames like the spider widow, male hunter and so in her lifetime. Despite the harsh criticism her focus was to raise her stepchildren and to fulfill her late husband’s wish. On the day of her eldest son’s wedding, she met with an accident and die. However, when she opens her eyes, she finds herself seven years ago on the day of her husband’s funeral.
 This is another manhwa with a second chance, being a naïve girl earlier she had made a lot of mistakes. But now as she remembers the previous life she refused to suffer anymore. Being forced to become a stepmother at a young age, Shuri is someone who will touch your heart with courage. The art style of the manhwa is highly captivating which adds up to the appeal of the story.
Your Throne
Your Throne is a manhwa focused on the politics and power struggle. The story is set in the Vasilios Empire ruled by the Imperial family and the temple. All Medea Solon wanted to become was the princess of the Vasilios empire but her ambition comes crumbling down when the crown prince chooses Psyche.
The female protagonist, Medea is a power-driven ambitious lead who would take any means necessary to get what she wants even to the extent of being ruthless. But is she really that cold-hearted? A lot of thing gets revealed when Medea and Psyche mysteriously swap their souls. The underlying facade of the things that both of them desire gets exposed.
This series has focused a lot on the female struggle in the conservative monarchy background.