Kiki’s delivery service- Search for freedom

Kiki’s delivery service- Search for freedom

July 12, 2021 0 By Amy

Does kiki from Kiki’s delivery service go back home?

As the story starts, it’s shown that young witches have to leave their homes due to a tradition. So Kiki leaves her house. Eventually, she might return back to her home after a while. But she might not stay for long as she has to be independent from now on. 

Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s  Delivery Service animated by Ghibli Studio is a story about a young witch Kiki. He has adapted it from the novel of Eiko Kadono.  Miyazaki wanted to show the problems faced by young girls when they search for independence through it. 

Kiki is a teenager who has to set off in search of a new home at the beginning of the anime movie. She faces a lot of challenges in her search for a new home. When she finally finds it she has to confront other challenges and feels problems are never-ending. In the end, she discovers how to solve her problems and realizes no problem is everlasting.  Kiki also makes friends through her journey who help her when she is in trouble. She learns to take control of her life finally.

The anime beautifully displays the problems faced by young people when they leave their homes in search of jobs or due to study. Most youngsters Leave their houses in search of freedom. However, they have to conquer various hurdles in order to fully enjoy this freedom. As in the movie Kiki has to search for a place to stay likewise even youngsters have to find a place at the start. Subsequently, Kiki’s self-doubt later is similar to the doubts individuals get when they leave their homes and miss the comfort of their homes. In due course, they learn to be independent and get accustomed to the new surroundings.