Cooking Themed Anime Series – Top 5

Cooking Themed Anime Series – Top 5

July 18, 2021 0 By Ray

Looks like our craving for delicious foods has no bounds. Below are the suggestions of the best cooking-themed anime series that will make you drool all over yourself. Although unfortunately, we don’t have much anime related to the cooking genre, hopefully with the popularity of food wars we might get more cooking-themed anime in the future. Below I have compiled the all-time best collection of the cooking genre.


 5/5. Ristorante Paradiso 

Ristorante Paradiso is a shoujo anime focused more on the restaurant operation than cooking. But still, we get to see the main character, Nicoletta, trying her best to be a good cook. The 11 episode anime series is good for binge-watching. Although the story is not as intense and impactful, it is one of the good watches if you want to a cooking-based anime.


4/5. Kakuriyo Bed & breakfast for spirits 

Kakuriyo Bed & breakfast for spirits is a josei anime series and has incorporated the element of cooking which isn’t that prominent as compared to the other listed cooking-based anime. The anime series is focused on storytelling which has combined comedy with a supernatural element. The main character, Aoi Tsubaki decides to be a chef of Tenjin-ya, an Inn in the demon world as a way to escape the marriage from Odanna.


3/5. Dream colored patisserie 

Beware of sweet alluring dessert. Dream colored patisserie is a shoujo cooking-based anime that will make your toothache with all its sweetness. The anime centers around Ichigo Amano as she aspires to become a patisserie. Character development is something we all look forward to when we watch anime, and you can see Ichigo grow with each of her experiences. Expect some sweet innocent romance along with a hearty visual of desserts.


2/5. Yakitake Japan 

Yakitate Japan is a cooking-based shounen anime series based on the manga of the same name by Takashi Hashiguchi. The anime follows the story of the extremely talented bread artisan, Kazuma Azuma. The series has showcased the mouth-watering creation of pieces of bread that will make you crave more. The storytelling sequence of the anime is good. It starts with a good pace but towards the end, it may seem rush. Overall the quality of the anime is good. Besides the main protagonist, the rest of the characters will keep you highly entertained till the end.


1/5. Food wars 

Food Wars is a cooking-based shounen anime and should be on the watch list of all food lovers. The story follows Soma Yukihara as he aspires to become an excellent chef like his father. The mouth-watering visuals of the food will definitely make your stomach growl from hunger. The hardcore cooking theme is depicted throughout the anime on the basis of which the whole plot revolves. Buckle up for the delicious journey!