Comedy Korean Drama To Binge-Watch (Top 10)

Comedy Korean Drama To Binge-Watch (Top 10)

July 1, 2021 0 By Ray

Assignment, projects, workload, and stress have become frequent visitors in our life. What we all need right now is a break – a few hours of doing something that we like. Well for the people who love watching series, here are some of the best comedy Korean drama that you could binge-watch.

Ranking in no particular order

  • Good Manager

Good manager is a comedy Korean drama focused on workplace politics. The series has perfectly balanced out showing the corrupt side of a multinational organization with situational comedy. The chemistry between Namgoong Min and Lee Jun-ho is so on point that it will make your stomach hurt from all the laughter and make you crave for more. Unlike the conventional rom-com portrayed in Korean series, Good manager has shown a good amount of bromance chemistry. And this was well-received as both of them got the best couple award in the 31st KBS drama awards.  However, it is more than that, the plot will keep you hooked until the end. There is no sudden miracle to save the characters from any harm, all you can do is wait, as they rely on their wit to overcome all the situations.

  • Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is a Romantic-comedy Korean drama with a historical theme. As the title suggests, Mr.Queen is a story where a soul of a man, Jang Bong-hwan a chef in the modern-day gets transmigrated to the past and gets trapped in the body of the Crown Queen, Kim So-young in the Joseon era. The series has all kinds of situational comedy as Jang Bong-hwan now a Queen tries whatsoever to get back to his time and body while altogether trying to stay alive amidst the crazy palace politics. The intriguing plot of this Korean drama will keep you fixated till the end. Throughout the series, your heart will move with all the emotions and keep you thrilled with the action and government politics.

  • Welcome To Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki is a comedy Korean drama focusing on three different young men. The situation comedy is enough to crack you down from laughter although the series does have some emotional moments that will stifle a sob. The overall plot although is not extraordinary but will keep you engaged till the end. It is a simple yet wonderful drama in its own right.

  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-Joo is a light-hearted romantic-comedy Korean series. The story follows Kim Bok Joo’s as she aspires to be a weightlifter champion. You will fall in love with Kim Bok Joo’s outgoing personality. People who are awkward around guys can easily relate to her personality. This Korean drama is like a fresh breeze in the spring as it will story-tell a romantic story that will make your heart flutter. Don’t expect cheesy and cliche romance. Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-Hyung aren’t like most romantic couples. Besides the romantic comedy, this series also portrays the personal struggles that the characters go through.

  • The Fiery Priest

The fiery priest is a comedy Korean drama that has a well-incorporated theme like action and crime. The series has the to-the-spot storyline that has not wasted a single moment of it being boring. You will surely fall in love with the ensemble cast who have done a great job at portraying their amazing character. This series is so hilarious that you would almost choke yourself up.

  • She was Pretty

She was pretty is a typical romantic comedy-drama that is actually based on a true story. The series has the potential to draw you in and make you fall with every main character. Be prepared to get a high dose of comedy, romance, friendship, and drama. This series has explored the dynamics of a relationship which will make you relate it to your own.

  • What’s wrong with secretary Kim

What’s wrong with secretary Kim is a romantic comedy Korean series between a narcissistic boss and his secretary. This is a typical Korean drama featuring work-life balance, office romance, and so on. You will also get a glimpse of the character’s back-story which will help the character grow more on you and also connect the overall plot. This is an amazing option to watch If you want to have a good laugh and a sweet romance.

  • Secret Garden

Secret garden is a romantic comedy Korean drama that has inculcated the elements of fantasy. Over time this series has become so classic that when you will watch this you will notice that few of the scenes from the drama are being used in the modern-day series or even variety shows. Secret garden tells a unique story between a stuntwoman and the CEO of a successful company.

The series has a lot of necessary drama that will make you frustrated and at the same time, you know that it is logical. There are times when you know both the leads are right on their point even though having a different opinion and end up hurting each other. Secret garden has so much practicality in a relationship that at some point you can’t help but relate to it. But the fair amount of tears that you will shed will definitely be compensated by the good amount of the comedy from the story.

  • While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is a phenomenal romantic comedy Korean drama with the element of fantasy and thriller. We all have those thoughts on the back of our minds what if the dream we see comes true! How terrific it could be. But what if they are nightmares! Is it really easy to change someone’s fate or destiny? Even if you do, what will be the consequence?. After all, you need to remember what comes around goes around. Nevertheless, this series has a lot of sweet moments that will make you smile and scenes that will make you laugh out loud.

  • Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is the best comedy Korean drama that has added an element of family relationship, friendship, and romance. The story revolves around five childhood friends who live in the same neighborhood of Seoul. This series has so much to offer, its remarkable production and cast ensemble have done an absolutely stunning job in creating this series. The brilliant storyline will take you back in the time of your youthful days.