Best Shounen Anime of All time – Top 10

Best Shounen Anime of All time – Top 10

July 19, 2021 2 By Ray

Best shounen anime of all time 

(picture credit: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

What is a shounen anime?

Shounen is a genre for Japanese comics and animation that is typically focused on action-based plots. A lot of genres like adventure, fantasy, and many more are incorporated in the shounen to attract a more number audience.


What can you expect from a shounen anime?

The first and foremost thing you can expect from a shounen anime is action. A lot of popular shounen anime has themes like comedy, fantasy, and supernatural included in it. This genre has much more to offer in terms of its storyline and characterization.


Best of all shounen anime

With so many collections of amazing anime series out -there, this is one of the tough picks of all time. However considering the recent popularity along with the trends, this list was compiled.

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1. One piece

Status – ongoing

One piece started airing in the year 1999 and is still going strong with over 900 episodes released. No anime series to date has achieved this feat if you consider the properly structured plot, episode length, and running time.

What makes this anime so special is its characters obviously and its detailed woven story divided into arcs. You’ll witness some of the craziest adventures that are beyond your imagination and with those will brings in actions, joy, and tears. Be prepared to be shocked along the way for some unexpected turn of events. But overall commit yourself to watch one piece because if you haven’t even started watching this then you are missing a lot.


2. Naruto

Status –  complete

Total no of episodes (Naruto) – 220

Total no of episodes (Naruto Shippuden) – 500

The story is based on Naruto Uzumaki and his journey to becoming the leader of his village. The thing which will keep you caught up with this series is that he isn’t someone born with fortune or talent. It’s how much hard work he put into his efforts to achieve his dreams. And you can’t help but root out for him. No one reaches the top without any struggle. Keep with the main plot to know how things go out for him.

Also, the anime series has incorporated a lot of elements of Japanese Mythology which is very apparent when you watch the series.


3. Bleach

Status – complete

Total no of episodes – 366

It has been almost a decade since the bleach anime series aired its final episode. Yet it is still one of the most-watched anime of all time. Being so popular, the author of the bleach announced its return of anime adaption of the final arc, ‘thousand-year blood war’.

The story takes place when Ichigo Kurasaki becomes a soul-reaper. His job involves dealing with hollows. The consequences of his actions and the nature of his birth will lead to the main story arc.


4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Status – complete

Total no of episodes – 64

Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood follows the story of the two brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric and their journey to find ‘philosopher stone’ which will help them restore their bodies. This is one of those anime where you will learn so many things. The storyline line will bewitch you to connect yourself with the characters.

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5. Yu Yu Hakusho

Status – Complete

Total no of episodes – 112

This is one of the oldest anime in the suggestion (1992-1994). Yu Yu Hakusho is well received for its to-the-point plot. It features the story of Yusuke Urameshi and his adventure as an underworld detective alongside his friends. This anime has a perfect blend of martial arts and supernatural.


6. Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)

Status – complete

Total no of episodes – 148

The story follows Gon Freecss and his journey to become an accomplished hunter. His adventurous journey involves solving the mystery that will eventually lead to his goal. What makes this anime series interesting is the thrill and anticipation of every step which the character makes. The well-woven plot is sure to make you excited at every arc.


7. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Status – ongoing

Another one of the anime series with a to-the-point plot, which will make you crave more. The story follows Tanjiro, the events of the main story starts when he finds that all his family member are dead. How horrifying could it be? He finds that his younger sister who is the only one to survive the attack has almost succumbed to the demon curse. Tanjiro decides to join the ranks of demon slayers to find the cure for her sister. This anime is fast-paced along with the heart-racing action because you never know who will end up dead.


8. Dragon Ball Z

Status – complete

Total no of episodes –  291

Dragon Ball Z due to its mainstream popularity has been aired on many television networks across the globe. Being a part of the Dragon Ball franchise, the main focus is on martial arts. This is one of the classic anime which you would again and again and don’t get bored.


9. Jujutsu Kaisen

Status – ongoing

Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime series narrating the story Yuuji. Witness the amazing graphical depiction of supernatural action series. Follow the dark side of the fantasy as the characters struggle to fight off with the Curses who want to bring harm to mankind.

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10. My Hero Academia

Status – ongoing

Welcome to the world of super-hero, where almost everyone is born with the Quirk (super-power of a particular affinity). The anime follows the journey of Izumi Midoriya who was born Quirkless, however, his vigor and determination made the world’s mightiest hero, All-Might pass down his Quick to him. Isn’t this everyone’s dream to have a super-power to save the people? Watch Izumi’s story as he trains to become a world-class hero along with his classmates.